Confused about buying proxies from Proxy-seller? Well, not any more, as this piece of information will brief you with the proxy seller and its pros and cons. Talking about Proxy-seller, it is basically a datacenter proxy provider and is kind of popular amongst the small-scale internet marketers. At this particular platform, one can buy pocket friendly proxies for online use. One can also buy individual proxies for personal use for online games or for basic anonymous purposes and security on the internet. In the recent times, this particular platform has grown a lot and has become one of the top proxy providers on the internet with finest quality SOCKS5 proxies along with HTTP/S proxies from countries around the world. There is a lot more to know about proxies and proxy seller. Thus, dive in deep and unleash the further information.

Brief into Proxy server

To understand this review in a better way, it is very much important to first learn what is the concept behind proxy server. Basically, a proxy server is a server that carries out certain tasks on behalf of another system, acting as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. In simple words, proxy servers act as a gateway between the user and the internet separating the end users from the websites they browse.

What is proxy seller?

Buy Cheap Proxies from Proxy Seller

Now that you are well versed with proxy server, you are all set to find out which proxy best suits your internet activities and where you should buy a proxy from. As per the little hint mentioned earlier related to proxy seller, it is an online proxy platform where one can easily buy personal and individual proxy servers for websites such as online games, social networks, e-commerce, education websites and much more. It is a well known and largely preferred proxy platform, all because of its reliable private dedicated IP. Since its inception, proxy seller has gained immense popularity with inexpensive proxies. Proxy seller guarantees reliable technical workability of proxy, and this resolves the issue of sudden death during the whole paid period. Though they distribute proxies based on the usage purpose stated by the client, but their proxies can be used for general purposes and work with almost all the websites.

IPv4 Proxies from Proxy Seller

Proxy seller offers two different types of proxies, namely:

  • IPV4 Proxies (Internet Protocol version 4)
  • IPV6 Proxies (Internet Protocol version 6)

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Comparing IPV4 and IPV6

IPV4 and IPV6 are two completely different versions of the internet protocol. IPV6 is slightly enhanced and upgraded version of IPV4 protocol. To understand this better, we have shared a short table below that shows and compares the features of both the versions. So, let us check it out:

Features and Functionalities IPV6 Protocol IPV4 Protocol
Number of Addresses 3.4 x 1038 addresses 4.29 x 10 9 addresses
Address configuration Auto-configuration Manual and DHCP
Representation of address Hexadecimals Normal decimals
Authentication Provided Not provided
Encryption Provided Not provided

PROS and CONS of Proxy seller

Now that you are aware of the types and features of proxies offered by proxy seller, let us dig in deep and talk about the pros and cons of the same.


Well, proxy seller is a good name and has a considerable number of users using their proxies. What makes it different from others is the strengths and significant features that keep increasing their customers served list. Below are some of the aces of proxy seller.

  • User friendly

Let us start with one of the basic pros, which is user friendly interface, and this is the greatest strengths of this platform. One can easily register for an account easily and not only this, one can also make payments for the proxies without any hassle. Moreover, their minimalistic dashboard also adds to their user friendliness. Also, they only support username and password authentication.

  • Flexible payment option

Another thing that one looks for while opting for a platform to buy proxies is the payment option. At proxy seller, the duration of keeping proxies sold to the customers and number of proxies that the user can buy is very much flexible. This feature makes proxy seller way better than others, who provide proxies only in a bundle of proxy ports, as here there is no minimum number of proxies set. It is completely the choice of the user, and nothing is controlled by the platform. Not only the number of proxies, but also the duration of rentals is flexible too. There are different duration options and also one can have up to 40% price reduction, if he/she wishes for 12-month rental duration in one go. There are different payment methods available, which includes Bitcoin, PayPal, and credit cards.

  • Good location coverage

Proxy seller have proxies in good number of locations, which includes United States, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine, India, UK, and 10 other countries as well. This is also a huge plus point to this particular platform.

  • Good customer support

This is one of the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration while making a decision regarding proxy providers. Talking about this particular provider, it has good customer service with live chat support that can be used to chat with their customer representative in real-time. In case none of the agent is online, one can opt for using their ticket support.


Everything holds both the aspects i.e., pros as well as cons. So, here are the cons of proxy seller. Read ahead to check upon their weaknesses.

  • Pricing

Proxy seller is slightly on the expensive side, as the pricing of their proxies might differ according to the countries. Moreover, the longer the duration of the rental, the cheaper the proxies become. However, the price is worth the hype and the features offered at the same time.

  • Compatibility

The second and the last drawback of this website is that it is not as compatible with a handful of websites, as a result of their stringent anti-spam systems. Their proxies aren’t much compatible with the sneaker sites and also for watching the movies on Netflix.

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Pricing of Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller is well known for cost effective proxy servers without restricting the speed or traffic and non-compromised performance. Users can purchase powerful elite, private USA IPV4 and IPV6 proxies just for $1.5 per month. The overall pricing structure can be stated as:

  • Small plan tariff (5-19 addresses): $0.5 per proxy for a month
  • Medium plan tariff (20-99 addresses): $0.3 per proxy for a month
  • Large plan tariff (from 100 and above addresses): $0.15 per proxy for a month

Should you try Proxy seller?

In a nutshell and after considering all the aspects, it can be stated that one can go for proxy seller, in order to use proxies for purposes like streaming, surfing etc. Moreover, the proxies are at affordable prices, and it offers flexible payment options and good location coverage, which makes it even more compelling. Also, if you are looking for more proxies and for longer duration, then proxy seller becomes even more pocket friendly for you. It is believed that this piece of information was worth your time and you might be able to assist you coming up with a better decision in context to proxy seller.

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Proxy Seller Review


Proxy Seller is truly a reliable destination to buy extra fast and cheap proxies. Their support is beside the mark. With Proxy Seller you can buy proxies for facebook, instagram, amazon, Ebay, youtube, google, yandex and even for some popular games such as Lineage 2.

  • Performance
  • GEO Availability
  • Technical Support
  • Value for money


User friendly

Flexible Payment Option

Good location coverage

Good customer support