How to start a WordPres Website

Skill Level


This is a short and concise course to help you start with your first WordPress blog. This course is basically for the beginners who don't have any roadmap from where to start. After the end of this course you will be able to buy domain for your, get a hosting to host your WordPress site, install WordPress on your domain. setup your WordPress site, setup themes and plugins, know about popular WP plugins and much more.

Learning Objectives

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This course is designed for all the users who want to actually start a new WordPress blog or just want to learn it for further knowledge improvement.

Learning Path

Table of Contents

Need A Domain?

Domain is integral for a live WordPress website. Get a cheap domain name right now and start building WordPress on the go.

Need A Hosting?

A fast hosting is always a kick start for fruitful growth. Get a fast, scalable, cheap and secure hosting right away to host your site.

Need Support?

If you are struggling to setup your website on hosting, then you are just a message away to discuss the issue with our expert.