Youtube is the 1st runner-up in the race for the largest video search engine on the internet. There are so many creators and even more viewers on the platform that all businesses want to be there. To stand out on this video-sharing platform, you need to make videos that are both creative and engaging.

If you try to copy anything here you will get caught and people don’t watch it. It is important to be original on Youtube.

In 2023, a lot of people who do affiliate marketing have moved to YouTube because of the features and scope that it provides them for marketing and promotion. There is a such huge audience with different interests that there will never be a shortage of potential customers.

The only thing that you will need to understand as a creator is, you need to be consistent and your content needs to be relevant and of high quality.

There are no alternatives to this and if you work with proper dedication and get those extra research points, you might just get the users to click on your affiliate links.

Below is the list of top influencers who moved to YouTube or Started YouTube Videos alongside their blog:

If you have read this till here, just spare some more minutes and keep reading to know about the ways in which you can do affiliate marketing on youtube.

Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing On YouTube In 2023

A lot of things changed in 2023 and content consumption is one of them. People consumed enormous video content in the past year and it is expected to grow in 2023. There are a lot of other platforms that contribute to this fact but the biggest and the free one is only Youtube.

Affiliate marketing is also finding it’s place on YouTube, read on to know how you can go ahead with it

Demonstrate The Features Of The Product

People buy things that they know about. Show your viewers the features of the product that you want them to buy. Make an unboxing video of it or record other people in your house using it. Talk about the features in-depth and keep it all real. Do not fit in any fake feature just to convince people into buying the product. Keep in mind that there is a comment section below every video you upload and users might straight away comment that you are making false claims. Product reviews allow you to engage with the audience that is interested in buying. Youtube description offers you to add clickable links where you put the affiliate links in this case. Most YouTubers prefer Amazon affiliates, Flipkart Affiliates, and Clickbank for higher conversions.

Do Comparision Videos

Compare your product with a product that you know is not as good as it. Show different benchmarks and make sure to depict how your product is better than the other. Make sure to choose a product that your viewers know about. Comparing it with any random competitor might not work as well. Comparison videos can be made fun if the scripting is done right. Make efforts in making the video factual but entertaining.

Create A Top 5 List Video

Make a video that has the top 5 products of the category in which you are promoting. Add the links of all the products in the description but focus on the product you are promoting. You might talk about that product a bit more than others or you can also tell something that can make it stand out in the list. It is something that can get you that affiliate sale and provide you with the commission that you want.

Teach People How To Use The Product That You Are Marketing

Teach people how they can use your affiliate product. People tend to buy something when they know where and how they can use it. That is why you should also tell where does the product fit in their lives. Create situations where they might be needing the product and then demonstrate how they can use it. This will be both engaging and informative.

Create Story Content Around The Product You Are Promoting

This is something that you can do independently or in other above-mentioned ways. Story content always works better than informative and factual content. There is nothing that can beat a good story with all the relevant information that the viewer might be looking for. Just make sure that you are sticking to the topic and not making anything random to keep your trustworthiness.

Over to You

There are more ways in which you can promote your product on YouTube. The ones mentioned above will also work great if you create content according to your target audience.

People want to watch videos that have things that they don’t know about. Try choosing products that your viewers might be using or need in the future. No templated way can guarantee that users will click the link and buy the product. Keep on trying and improving your content.

The competition might be getting tougher but that is something that you should use as motivation. Affiliate marketing is not easy, but with platforms like YouTube, you can surely make it fun. Start right away and hope that someone clicks that affiliate link.