MOBIPIUM is one of the top leaders in marketing. It has recently launched its newest brand – Traffic Nomads.

Traffic Nomads Review

Traffic Nomads is a self-service platform for advertisers to create and handle their own campaigns, and advertisements independently. The push notifications, pop, and in-page push traffic allow new users to get to hear advertisements.

All these features can be bought on the CPC model. As assumed, Traffic Nomads will also be adding banners, natives, and calendars ad formats to their portfolio.

According to Pedro Neves, the project manager of traffic nomads, “Traffic Nomads is an intuitive platform, created for all kinds of media buyers and digital marketers. The goal is to continue investing in the latest and best-performing ad formats and to offer more intuitive tools to help our clients reach profit faster and seamlessly”.

It has also offered a welcome bonus to all the registrations in November 2020.

However, all this information comes from the team of Traffic Nomads therefore hair is reviewed articles from its clients and users that will give you all the reliable information you need before using Traffic Nomads.

About Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads Ad Network Review

This advertising platform is based in Lisbon; Portugal has a dedicated team of experienced media buyers. It is a self-serving platform designed by highly efficient media buyers that provide high-converting traffic to advertisers.

There are a bunch of features that help you support various ad formats.

Ad formats include Push, pop, in-page push, calendar, banners and it is. It has helped increase traffic monetization both on mobile as well as desktop.

With a dedicated team, it offers its clients personalized assistants to create and optimize their campaigns and ads.

Why Traffic Nomads?

Traffic Nomads Updated GEOs

Choosing traffic movement has a lot of benefits. It can take you an extra mile in your affiliate journey. The best thing about this platform is that it provides its advertiser's traffic from its 50,000,000+ user base. It is the use number to come down. It also provides different campaign verticals which means the area/niche to most of its users databases. There are a lot of reasons that will encourage you to join this ad network. Here are some as listed below:

Traffic Nomads' High-Performing Verticals

Traffic Nomads High Performing Verticals

Vertical markets are a group of companies focused on a specific niche. Companies in the vertical market provide targeting insights and specialized services. The focus on specific market verticals may help a company realize higher profits through a narrower customer base and more cost-effective marketing campaign.

There are multiple niches to choose from for traffic monetization. Some of these High converting verticals supported by Traffic Nomads are:

  • Crypto
  • Dating
  • Casino
  • E-commerce
  • Sweepstakes
  • MVAS

Ad Formats of Traffic Nomads

Visual and help me to search ads that are more prominently display information about your business, it may include phone number, your websites to mean in the headlines.

Ad formats are the types of ads that can be created. There are a bunch of bees listed below that can be functioned through traffic nomads.

Let us go through them one by one:

Push notifications

Traffic Nomads Push Notifications

Push notifications are a type of messages that can be sent to any of the devices be it on desktop or mobile through traffic nomads. It is a very helpful way for advertisers to increase sales for their brand. It’s amended amount of sale has been generated by this ad format.

It can be an easy yet effective way to increase the amount of traffic on your website. Push notifications also generate sales as when the message pops up on the device users usually happen to click them.


  • Generate traffic as it has a high rate of click through rate.
  • Push notifications are compatible with almost every device starting from mobiles, tablets and computers.
  • It is a user-friendly advertising format.
  • It increases sales for the website.


Traffic Nomads Banners

You may have heard banners as a means of advertising not only in your social life but in reality as well. Starting from colleges to schools to even government voting, people often put up banners as advertisement format.

However, banners as the ad format in traffic nomad acquires some space on the website. Ads are shown on the header, footer and sidebar of the website.

The biggest advantage of having banners as a form of advertisement is that even if it takes space on the website it remains to be permanent on the same.


  • It provides you with scalability and optimisation.
  • It has a user-friendly format.
  • Banners remain permanent on websites. 

Pop ad

Traffic Nomads Pop Ads

Pop ads are one of the ways of advertising in today’s time. It has a great conversion effect and usually high chances of increasing traffic. It happens because these ads often react to the movement of the mouse.

That concludes when you are attempting to exit the website the ad will show up there and automatically you will click and open the advertisement. It is usually annoying for users but often benefits advertisers.

This is an effective way to lead generation and increase sales.

If you are who wants to increase the quality of the traffic then you should avoid it because they often do not have the selection of target audience, that means it usually shows up to almost every user.


  • It is easy to optimise.
  • It is the best way to generate leads.
  • It is the best ad format for testing new landing pages and running A/B tests.
  • It is also one of the best ways to make users interact with the ads. These are usually unavoidable.

In-Page Push

Traffic Nomads In-Page Push

The best way to test a new campaign is in Paige Ghosh. It is similar to push notifications but has a higher CTR. Having a higher CTR is because the user is a part of the publisher's website. It means that the chances of the user seeing your advertisement is absolutely hundred percent. Whenever the user is using a publisher's website, this ad tends to show up on the screen.


  • High click through rates
  • It works on all devices including desktop, android as well as iOS
  • It is absolutely user-friendly and has higher CTR
  • Covers a wide range of audience


Traffic Nomads Native Ads

The best way of advertising is in front of people who are already interested in a similar or even same topic. Native ad is a type of format that displays in between content it appears to be very natural as it matches with the content of the website.

The rate of traffic that comes through this type of format is 25% it is more than banner ads as it looks functional and is more specific to the users interest.


  • Shows of according to users interest
  • Gives more engagement rate than banner ads
  • Of affairs in the form of videos for articles that far more attractive


Traffic Nomads Calendar

Calendar format works as a reminder for the user. Many of you may have not heard about this type of format. And get feed in the calendar of the user and give you a reminder on a particular date. However, this type of advertisement is only available for iOS devices and not on android and desktop.


  • It is a way of personalised communication directly to the user.
  • There is no visual competition among different advertisements.

Traffic Nomads Help support system

Traffic nomads provide you with a 24 seven support system. Having your problems solved with time increases your weight of achieving goals faster. You also get an account manager for Your website fromTraffic Nomads.

The account manager provided by the company will help you affiliate to choose bright offers in their niche resulting in high or white.

They also send personalised optimisation and media buying tips on a weekly basis to your email inbox. These tips often help users to increase and grow their network.

Features included in Traffic Nomad

Traffic Nomads Features

This platform happens to provide you with a lot of tools and features which will help you to enhance your advertisement and manage campaigns without you having to put in a lot of effort.

Some of these features are mentioned as below:

  • Managing Your Account

This feature on this platform acts like I see a for your account. It will help you to visualise your payment details and billing details. Even generate invoices for your accounting team.

  • Report generation

It is a feature to get additional data about the results of the campaign. You can visualise the result by the help of different KPI’s. For example Data, country, format, device etc.

  • Increasing rate

This feature helps you to keep in check about the volume generation. You can check the availability of volume, average bits and city are this feature helps you to get accurate results and adjust your campaigns easily.

  • Campaign stats and optimisation

With the help of this feature you can manage your campaigns and advertisements from being in a single place. It can be possible with the support of a comprehensive table and the most important KPIs.

Pros of having Traffic Nomads

Traffic Nomads Pros & Cons
  • It has a minimum deposit of only $50.
  • A/B testing of all the Geos, finals and verticals get carried out weekly.
  • It provides 100% bot-free traffic.
  • It also offers brand protection with in-house technology that is efficient to prevent any kind of fraud.
  • It comes with advanced targeting through our TV and supports various kinds of targeting methods including device, language, GEO, OS browser, website, timing, IP and demographic targeting.
  • It also supports payment methods including wire, Paxum, credit card and paypal.
  • often people look for different pricing models and traffic nomads comes with two namely CPM and CPC.
  • This platform provides exclusive host traffic with its own 50,000,000+ user base
  • It is compatible with all devices including iOS, android, MacBook and desktop as well.

Cons (even the best things has some defects)

  • Investment of a particular amount of money is required by this platform in order to use its features
  • For newcomers, it would be a challenge as traffic nomads require time as well as investment of money.
  • Calendar ad format is only available for iOS devices.

Bottom line

Traffic Nomads Conclusion

Here we are at the end of this reviewed article for traffic nomads. It is a new platform introduced for publishers to increase their traffic rates and sales through different ways of advertisements. This review would have given you an idea of how it differentiates from other at platforms

Having a look at the pros and cons you will see that there are multiple pros mentioned and only a few cons. Keeping in mind that it is a reviewed article users can trust and directly go can use Traffic Nomads.

However, you can get the best experience only by having to start using it’s features yourself. Therefore it is recommended that you to once use this platform and give us the details of your experience in the comment section.