Native Advertising is a very effective channel of advertising. Native ads blend with the original content and give an extremely high CTR and overall return. Native advertising is an effective form of marketing that blends seamlessly with content and appears natural within the user's online experience.

Most advertisers rely on native advertising these days for better results.

Here are some of the features of Native advertising:

  • Seamless integration with the surrounding content
  • Non-intrusive and more engaging for users
  • Higher CTR and conversions
  • Better return on investment (ROI)
  • Access to premium and reputable publishers
  • Increased brand awareness and visibility
  • Improved targeting options for reaching the right audience
  • Enhanced user experience and reduced ad fatigue
  • Ability to bypass ad-blockers
  • Builds trust and credibility with the audience

Native advertising spend in US increased by 37% in 2021 which is projected to reach $98.59 billion in 2023.

According to a report, the native advertising industry is projected to experience significant growth, with an estimated valuation of $400 billion by the year 2025.

It is interesting to note that 75% of customers trust editorial sites more than social media when it comes to native advertising.

These stats highlight the growing importance and effectiveness of native advertising as a marketing strategy. So, if you want to monetize your traffic with native advertising, then keep on reading and we've listed the best native advertising networks you can join as a publisher.

List of Best Native Advertising Platforms in 2023


Outbrain is one of the leading platforms for native advertising, helping businesses to get their ads seen by the right audiences.

Advertisers can use Outbrain to create compelling ads that are optimized for mobile, display, and video formats. The platform leverages real-time data insights to make sure advertisers are targeting the most relevant users with the right message at the right time.

Additionally, Outbrain enables businesses to easily measure their campaigns and track performance in order to make more informed decisions about future ad spend. All in all, Outbrain is a great option for those looking for a comprehensive native advertising solution that delivers results.

Below are the benefits of using Outbrain for the publishers:

  • Reach a wider audience
  • Increased Website Traffic
  • More Revenue Potential
  • Improved User Experience
  • Enhanced Analytics


Taboola is a native advertising platform used by businesses of all sizes to promote their products and services to potential customers. It allows advertisers to place ads in the form of sponsored content at the bottom of web pages, providing relevant and engaging content for viewers.

The ads are tailored to what they’ve previously seen online or what they may be interested in. Taboola uses a proprietary algorithm that takes into account various factors such as click-through rate, time spent on page, conversion rates, etc., to personalize the ads that are displayed.

This helps ensure that the ad campaigns are successful and beneficial for both the advertiser and viewers.

Additionally, Taboola provides detailed insights into each campaign so companies can track their performance and tweak their strategies accordingly. All in all, Taboola is an efficient way for brands to reach more people with targeted advertising efforts.


MGID is a native ad network that offers a variety of benefits to new publishers looking to increase their ad revenue. With MGID, publishers can customize the look and feel of the ads they display in order to better match their website’s aesthetic.

This means that ads won’t look like intrusive banners but rather be seamlessly integrated into the page, creating a better user experience. Another key benefit for new publishers is that MGID has access to large sources of targeted traffic, meaning that ads will be more likely to reach the right audience and generate more clicks.

Additionally, MGID provides 24/7 technical support and allows for easy integration with any type of platform, making it an ideal choice for those just starting out in the world of online advertising.


Revcontent is a leading native ad network that provides publishers with an effective, user-friendly, and rewarding way to monetize their websites. With Revcontent, advertisers are able to target specific audiences based on their interests and browsing habits. This ensures that publishers get only the most relevant and high-performing ads for their sites.

Benefits for publishers include access to extremely high paying ads, with some of the highest RPM rates in the industry. Publishers also have access to advanced targeting options to maximize ad performance. Additionally, they are given detailed analytics tracking library so they can monitor performance and track ROI easily.

Furthermore, Revcontent has a dedicated team of account managers who help publishers optimize their campaigns for maximum success. Finally, Revcontent offers some of the fastest payouts in the business, ensuring that publishers get paid quickly and reliably.


Adyoulike is a Native ad network that helps publishers to earn revenue through native ads. It offers an automated media buying platform that enables advertisers to scale their campaigns across different channels quickly. Adyoulike also offers a wide range of features for publishers, including the ability to customize ads, optimize performance with real-time analytics, and improve user experience with high quality creative.

Publishers benefit from Adyoulike's native ad network in many ways. For starters, it allows them to monetize their content more effectively by displaying ads that are tailored to the interests of their target audience. This results in higher click-through rates, increased engagement, and more conversions.

Additionally, Adyoulike provides its publishers with detailed reporting so they can track performance and make adjustments as necessary for improved results. Finally, Adyoulike provides its users with access to an ever expanding list of advertiser partners and offers support throughout the entire process.

Overall, Adyoulike's Native ad network provides several benefits for publishers looking to monetize their content and drive more traffic to their sites. With customized creatives designed for maximum engagement and detailed performance insights at every stage of the process, publishers can generate significant returns on investment without compromising user experience.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is a native ad network that offers publishers a great way to monetize their content. With Yahoo Gemini, publishers can create targeted ads that are tailored specifically for their target audience. This type of native advertising has been proven to be more effective than traditional banner ads or text ads, as it resonates with users more due to its relevance and personalization. Additionally, Yahoo Gemini provides a great deal of flexibility and control over the types of ads that can be created. Publishers can choose from a variety of ad formats such as carousel ads, sponsored social posts, video ads, and many others.

The main benefit of using Yahoo Gemini for publishers is that they can generate revenue from their content without impacting the user experience in a negative way. The ads are targeted based on user interest, which means they are highly relevant and unobtrusive.

Additionally, Yahoo Gemini has a range of performance metrics available so that publishers can track the success of their ad campaigns in real-time. Finally, Yahoo Gemini offers competitive rates for publishers which ensures they get maximum value from their ad campaigns.


Adup is a native ad network that provides advertisers with tools to help them reach their target audiences in a more meaningful and effective way. By leveraging native ad formats, Adup helps ensure that the ads are seen by the right people, in the right places, at the right times.

Through its unique targeting capabilities such as geo-targeting, contextual targeting and retargeting, Adup helps advertisers better target and engage their customers.

Additionally, Adup's user experience is designed to be as smooth as possible for both advertisers and users alike. With an easy to use platform, comprehensive reporting, and a focus on transparency and integrity, Adup looks to build strong relationships between advertisers and consumers. Ultimately, Adup seeks to provide an efficient and effective native advertising solution for all parties involved.

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These are some of the best native ad platforms for you to monetize your website traffic and maximize your revenue with native ads.

If you are serious about maximizing your earnings from your traffic, then native ads are definitely the best options with high CTR and pay. So, what are you waiting for?